100 Deadly Skills | The SEAL Operative's Survival Guide
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100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition – PRE-ORDER TODAY

The next edition in the 100 Deadly Skills series, “The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Surviving in the Wild and Being Prepared for Any Disaster,” is now available for pre-order. Reserve your copy from our bookseller partners listed below today!

100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition
Pre-order now. Available for delivery on Oct. 19, 2016.


Because, in today’s dangerous world, threats to your personal safety can arise anywhere, anytime. I want you to be prepared.

100 Deadly Skills the book

100 Deadly Skills: Get The Book Today

You will learn how to escape a locked trunk, make an improvised Taser, trick facial recognition software, prevent tracking, evade a kidnapping, elude an active shooter, rappel down the side of a building, immobilize a bad guy, protect yourself against cyber-criminals, and much more — all using low-tech to “no-tech” methods.


Buy 100 Deadly Skills from one of our bookseller partners today.


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